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Land Campaign

Our church has begun its first capital campaign to pay off the land we have purchased. This is a small campaign that is going to be done with brochures only. It is kind of a trial run for the big building  campaign, which will happen sometime after we pay off the land. The online version of the brochure can be found here: If you would like to receive a paper copy or would like to make a contribution you…

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Bourbon Trail

Bourbon is an American form of whiskey made from (pursuant to U.S. trade law) at least 51% corn, or maize — typically about 70% — with the remainder being wheat and/or rye, and malted barley. It is distilled to no more than 160 (U.S.) proof, and aged in new charred oak barrels for at least two years — or perhaps longer. The two years maturation process is not a legal requirement for a whiskey to be called “bourbon,” but it…

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And a child shall lead them….

I heard a good story at church yesterday concerning a five year old boy in our parish. Recently it was the boy’s Saint’s Day and his parents were struggling to find him an appropriate gift that would either teach or have religious significance, but not be inappropriate for the age.. They finally settled on a Veggietales DVD. They wrapped it up and gave it to the boy who was very excited to be getting a gift. The boy opened it…

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Safari to Firefox

Well after a long hold out I am finally switching to Firefox. My biggest complaint about Firefox has been the UI particularly in the form widgets. There are a couple of things you can do to take the ugliness away, such as using Firefoxy or downloading a G4, G5, or MacBook optimized version. Those help but it still breaks in certain places because it is not a native Cocoa app. Well I have decided I am willing to live with…

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I am going to miss my old car.

On Tuesday Nov. 7 2006 my Corolla went to its end. This was the first car my wife and I purchased together, and we were not even married yet. I was in desperate need of a car and I found the Toyota, however I was about $500 short of the $1700 sticker price. So she (my girlfriend, now my wife) loaned me the $500. It had 80K on it when it was purchased in 1996. It left us with over…

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Leaving DotMac

Well I decided to let my DotMac membership run out. This was a hard decision given that I was using this service to host my pictures, and sync my calendars, address book, and bookmarks. Well I have found a cool app that allows me to easily post my pictures. The app is called Galerie. I have used it to move all my pictures to the same server that my blog is on. The best part about Galerie is that it…

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My first test podcast

This is a song written by Melanie Johnson for the band I run sound for “The Bats”. Stuff.mp3 The podcast can be subscribed to at Addendum: Well for those of you who got to hear it yeah for you, for those who did not so sorry, but Melanie asked me to remove it because it was actually co-written and she is unable to secure permission for the post.

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Well thanks to Apple’s Automator and CESoft’s Quickey’s I was able to accomplish in a day and a half what had taken me almost a year and a half. I finally finished the Feast and Fast calendars. They should be complete as far as the information from the OCA’s website is concerned. I even have the movable feasts and fasts through 2012. So if you use an application that can handle the ical/icalendar file type (.ics) such as iCal or…

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Look what I got to do!

Today the Aviation Museum of Kentucky ( received an F-14 Tomcat Naval fighter jet, and I was there to see all the excitement. If you would like to see the rest of the images in full glory please go here: F-14 Slideshow

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The EU wants control of what?

Australian IT – EU challenges US grip on net (Simon Hayes with wires, OCTOBER 04, 2005) According to this article the EU wants to control the internet because they could do a better job than its’ inventors and maintainers. Whatever?

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