Updating WordPress

I just updated WordPress and it took forever. No three steps here. Lots of uploading, downloading, deleting, overwriting, rinsing, and repeating. Finally I got the page they said I would get and I was able to update to the latest version. I know I do not blog much but come on guys. Well now that I have updated my site, I think I will try to blog a little more often. I know that is not saying much but hey…

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Bourbon Trail

Bourbon is an American form of whiskey made from (pursuant to U.S. trade law) at least 51% corn, or maize — typically about 70% — with the remainder being wheat and/or rye, and malted barley. It is distilled to no more than 160 (U.S.) proof, and aged in new charred oak barrels for at least two years — or perhaps longer. The two years maturation process is not a legal requirement for a whiskey to be called “bourbon,” but it…

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And a child shall lead them….

I heard a good story at church yesterday concerning a five year old boy in our parish. Recently it was the boy’s Saint’s Day and his parents were struggling to find him an appropriate gift that would either teach or have religious significance, but not be inappropriate for the age.. They finally settled on a Veggietales DVD. They wrapped it up and gave it to the boy who was very excited to be getting a gift. The boy opened it…

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I am going to miss my old car.

On Tuesday Nov. 7 2006 my Corolla went to its end. This was the first car my wife and I purchased together, and we were not even married yet. I was in desperate need of a car and I found the Toyota, however I was about $500 short of the $1700 sticker price. So she (my girlfriend, now my wife) loaned me the $500. It had 80K on it when it was purchased in 1996. It left us with over…

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Our Church!

WhooHoo! Our church is featured on the front page of the Orthodox Church in America’s website. We have been placed there since it is missions appeals month and we are a mission in the Diocese of the South, a diocese of the Orthodox Church in America. It is kind of shocking to be running through your daily list of web pages and come across one with your picture. In other good news we have also just received eight people to…

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Summers of 95′-96′

During the summer of 95′ I found a new job. In ignorance I applied at J.C. Penney’s for an electronics salesperson position. The part I was ignorant about was the fact that Penney’s did not have an electronics department. However, they liked me and hired me to sell men’s suits. And the was my first exposure to working on straight commission. During that summer not much else happened. I eagerly awaited Tabitha’s return to graduate school, and worked. I believe…

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Walk Through

For those of us with bandwidth to burn and disk space that has cobwebs collecting in the unused recesses :), I have put together this small quicktime movie. It is rather jerky (I was shooting on a small digital camera) but it should give you the basic idea. I am providing some commentary, and you even catch a glimpse of me at some point. There are a few clips that went squat on me, can you figure out what I…

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WhooHoo! Were home owners!

Well we closed this morning on our new home YEAH! We have already had the fridge delivered and the duct work cleaned. Now it is time to have the carpets cleaned and the begin moving in. Man there is so much to do and I can already feel the money pit vacuum turning on. We look forward to finally being able to comfortably entertain though.Now all that needs to happen is my G5 needs to ship. And yes I am…

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