Christopher G. Naughton

Walk Through

For those of us with bandwidth to burn and disk space that has cobwebs collecting in the unused recesses :), I have put together this small quicktime movie. It is rather jerky (I was shooting on a small digital camera) but it should give you the basic idea. I am providing some commentary, and you even catch a glimpse of me at some point. There are a few clips that went squat on me, can you figure out what I…

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WhooHoo! Were home owners!

Well we closed this morning on our new home YEAH! We have already had the fridge delivered and the duct work cleaned. Now it is time to have the carpets cleaned and the begin moving in. Man there is so much to do and I can already feel the money pit vacuum turning on. We look forward to finally being able to comfortably entertain though.Now all that needs to happen is my G5 needs to ship. And yes I am…

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More reflections of the past ten years

After all my traveling in the summer of 93′ I decided to settle back into working and preparing for my debut at Kent State University. I was working as a customer service rep. for a universal remote control company. What great fun teaching morons how to be more lazy. I choose Kent for purely financial reasons and the fact that I am lazy also. I lived in Kent which meant I could stay at home and my dad worked for…

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It was brought to my attention that some of the people I emailed about the new house could not open the link to the pictures. I tried this morning and it still works but anyway I decided to post the pictures here. So follow this link and view our new house with the old inhabitants stuff in it.

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Trip to Misery

After returning from Colorado my dad and I jumped into his Nissan pickup with the pop-up camper attached and drove down to Table Rock Lake in Missouri. We were going to pick up my mom and brother who were attending Kamp Kanakuk. As we got further and further south it seemed like the truck’s air conditioning was giving out. It eventually got to the point that having the air on and the windows down still did not keep us cool.…

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Trip to Colorado

A couple of weeks after I graduated my parents gave me a month long trip out to Colorado. While I was there I stayed primarily with my godmother, along with a foster sister and old friends from the church I attended as a child. While I was there I learned that my godmother had left the Episcopal Church for the Evangelical Orthodox Church. I had never heard of this denomination let alone Orthodoxy. It was all very strange to me…

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10 Year Reunion

I recently received an invitation to my 10 year high school reunion. When I opened the envelope it made me chuckle just a little. First was the realization that most of the people I socialize with (including my wife) graduated from college more than 10 years ago. Second, I do not know when this occurred, but for the longest time I was looking forward to going, now I really do not know. I no longer keep in touch with the…

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