My Corolla

On Tuesday Nov. 7 2006 my Corolla went to its end. This was the first car my wife and I purchased together, and we were not even married yet. I was in desperate need of a car and I found the Toyota, however I was about $500 short of the $1700 sticker price. So she (my girlfriend, now my wife) loaned me the $500. It had 80K on it when it was purchased in 1996. It left us with over 210K on it. It served us well and need very little maintenance till the very end. In the end it needed over $1000 in brake work. More then I was prepared to put in it. I will miss that car a lot, it was fun to drive and we have a lot of memories in it. It took us on our honeymoon, brought us to Kentucky, and served very reliably and faithfully for many years. I know I am being a bit over sentimental, and that it was just a car, but I even feel a little guilty for taking only $50 for it, and selling it to someone who is going to use it in a demolition derby. Well hopefully it will serve this person well one last time.