Land Campaign

Our church has begun its first capital campaign to pay off the land we have purchased. This is a small campaign that is going to be done with brochures only. It is kind of a trial run for the big building  campaign, which will happen sometime after we pay off the land. The online version of the brochure can be found here: If you would like to receive a paper copy or would like to make a contribution you…

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And a child shall lead them….

I heard a good story at church yesterday concerning a five year old boy in our parish. Recently it was the boy’s Saint’s Day and his parents were struggling to find him an appropriate gift that would either teach or have religious significance, but not be inappropriate for the age.. They finally settled on a Veggietales DVD. They wrapped it up and gave it to the boy who was very excited to be getting a gift. The boy opened it…

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Well thanks to Apple’s Automator and CESoft’s Quickey’s I was able to accomplish in a day and a half what had taken me almost a year and a half. I finally finished the Feast and Fast calendars. They should be complete as far as the information from the OCA’s website is concerned. I even have the movable feasts and fasts through 2012. So if you use an application that can handle the ical/icalendar file type (.ics) such as iCal or…

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Grrr Bad OCA Website!

Well I went to the new “enhanced” OCA website, and was sorely disappointed to find out that it was broken. Actually it is broken in the two browsers of my choice, Safari and Firefox. It appears to work fine in Microcrack Internet Exploder, which is a shame (given that exploder is full of security vulnerabilities and just plain stinks as a browser). I hope they fix it soon because I enjoy visiting daily. Maybe one of my website design guru…

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Our Church!

WhooHoo! Our church is featured on the front page of the Orthodox Church in America’s website. We have been placed there since it is missions appeals month and we are a mission in the Diocese of the South, a diocese of the Orthodox Church in America. It is kind of shocking to be running through your daily list of web pages and come across one with your picture. In other good news we have also just received eight people to…

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Silly church signs can make you think

I have always found the little sayings churches put on there signs trite, silly and a number of other things. Becoming Orthodox has only increased that feeling. But ever once in awhile I run across a sign that still has those characteristics but makes me go huh that is pretty funny and ironic. The most recent of which was on the sign of an Assemblies of God church, which read: “WRONG IS ALWAYS WRONG, EVEN IF EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING…

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Where in Moscow is Sub-Deacon Joel

For some amazing pictures of the return of the Tikhvin Icon to her mother land Russia head over to this page on the O.C.A. website. In addition to some great photos you can also catch several glimpses of our good blogging friend and newly ordained sub-deacon Joel Wilson! Way to go man!

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