Well I decided to let my DotMac membership run out. This was a hard decision given that I was using this service to host my pictures, and sync my calendars, address book, and bookmarks. Well I have found a cool app that allows me to easily post my pictures. The app is called Galerie. I have used it to move all my pictures to the same server that my blog is on. The best part about Galerie is that it is freeware. It uses standard HTML, CSS, and javascript to create the picture galleries. Anybody who posts pictures on their site in a slideshow or gallery fashion should check this app out. I am still looking for an elegant/free solution to sync my data. I have tried using MySync, but have benn unsuccessful. I am hoping Spanning Sync will prove to be useful, but it is still under developement. If any of you has any suggestions, please let me know.