I heard a good story at church yesterday concerning a five year old boy in our parish. Recently it was the boy’s Saint’s Day and his parents were struggling to find him an appropriate gift that would either teach or have religious significance, but not be inappropriate for the age.. They finally settled on a Veggietales DVD. They wrapped it up and gave it to the boy who was very excited to be getting a gift. The boy opened it with great anticipation and pulled the DVD out, and his head fell, as tears began to well. And he said “I hate this video”. The parents completely shocked and taken aback asked the boy if he was expecting something else, and what that might be. The parents expected to hear the usual matchbox cars or remote control, however were pleasantly surprised when he turned to them and said he wanted a blessing cross to hang on his wall and to use when he plays priest.

As I heard this story I was completely humbled. It is amazing how much we can learn from the children God has given us. They can even teach us what is and is not an appropriate gift for a Saint’s Day. Everyone is given to us for our salvation, especially our children.