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Silly church signs can make you think

I have always found the little sayings churches put on there signs trite, silly and a number of other things. Becoming Orthodox has only increased that feeling. But ever once in awhile I run across a sign that still has those characteristics but makes me go huh that is pretty funny and ironic. The most recent of which was on the sign of an Assemblies of God church, which read: “WRONG IS ALWAYS WRONG, EVEN IF EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING…

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Flag Code

Happy 4th of July! This is a special weekend in the history of this country, it is the time we come together to celebrate our independence and show patriotism. However it always puts a sore spot on me when I see people celebrating and being patriotic while ignorantly desecrating the flag. So please as you celebrate this weekend if you plan to do so with a flag take a look at this website: Thanks and have a great 4th!…

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Where in Moscow is Sub-Deacon Joel

For some amazing pictures of the return of the Tikhvin Icon to her mother land Russia head over to this page on the O.C.A. website. In addition to some great photos you can also catch several glimpses of our good blogging friend and newly ordained sub-deacon Joel Wilson! Way to go man!

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The Bats

For a little over a year now I have been running sound for a band called The Bats (short for old bats or Beautiful and talented sirens). The core of the group is five women over the age of forty ( a bat member requirement). Three of the women are the main vocalists, singing about men, food, shopping, break-ups, and dating with the occasional jazz and pop standard. They also have a group of dance numbers the do. The fourth…

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Excuse the mess

Well I decided even though I never blog it was time to update to WordPress. I was sick and tired of getting spammed in my comments section, which is why I went ahead and launched it without being totally complete. I am going for essentially the same boring look, with a few tweaks that will hopefully take some of the boredom out of it. I am also hoping to add some new features such as an events calendar which would…

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For Sale

I have listed some items at eBay. Just thought I would post them here too in case somebody reading my blog might be interested. PowerMac 8600 Tower BBEdit 6.0 Discribe 5.0 FilemakerMobile 1.0 for Palm Jack Niklaus 4 Golf Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares SimCity 3000 Tie Fighter Collector’s CD X-Wing Collector’s CD OS 9 with 9.1 Upgrade Suse Linux 7.0 CD Stomper Pro 2.1

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Infancy Gospel of James

I realize that I am posting this a little later than I usually do, but better late than never. Here is a link to the Infancy Gospel of James in pdf format. It is unknown whether or not James actually authored this piece of tradition, however it is a worth while read. Whether or not there is any truth in it is known to the Father and Saints alone but it has much to say to us during this Christmas…

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Consecration of an Altar

For those of us who have never seen the consecration of an altar there is a great pictorial of the rededication of Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, New York City, NY. The pictures are over here on the O.C.A. website. I cannot wait to see this in person hopefully at our parish! Enjoy!

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