Updating WordPress

I just updated WordPress and it took forever. No three steps here. Lots of uploading, downloading, deleting, overwriting, rinsing, and repeating. Finally I got the page they said I would get and I was able to update to the latest version. I know I do not blog much but come on guys. Well now that I have updated my site, I think I will try to blog a little more often. I know that is not saying much but hey what do you want from me, I am a very busy person, or at least I think I am. Well time to get back to my homework so I can play a little but of NWN2 before bed and a long trip home tomorrow.

Safari to Firefox

Well after a long hold out I am finally switching to Firefox. My biggest complaint about Firefox has been the UI particularly in the form widgets. There are a couple of things you can do to take the ugliness away, such as using Firefoxy or downloading a G4, G5, or MacBook optimized version. Those help but it still breaks in certain places because it is not a native Cocoa app. Well I have decided I am willing to live with that until the supposed native Cocoa version 3 comes out. My other current pet peeve is that Firefox does not use Apple’s Spelling Service. Most of my other issues I was able to fix with either a plugin, or a Greasemonkey userscript. The main reason I switched is that at work Safari started to randomly crash and got really annoying. Well I started using Firefox at work to minimize the crashes and noticed that Safari was not rendering all the content on certain sites, in particular, the interface to my WordPress blogging software. So I switched. Well now I am looking for three plugins, and am hoping someone out there will be able to point me in the right direction, or be really cool and step up and write the plugin (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). The first is a simple drop down arrow in the search pane that allows you to see your search history. The second is a plugin like DownloadComment for Safari, this plugin adds the url of the site to the Spotlight comments of a downloaded file. And lastly I would really like for Inquisitor to be ported to Firefox.

BTW- Firefox also fixed one of my Leaving DotMac issues. Using my Gmail account I am able to sync all my bookmars using Google Google Browser Sync.

Leaving DotMac

Well I decided to let my DotMac membership run out. This was a hard decision given that I was using this service to host my pictures, and sync my calendars, address book, and bookmarks. Well I have found a cool app that allows me to easily post my pictures. The app is called Galerie. I have used it to move all my pictures to the same server that my blog is on. The best part about Galerie is that it is freeware. It uses standard HTML, CSS, and javascript to create the picture galleries. Anybody who posts pictures on their site in a slideshow or gallery fashion should check this app out. I am still looking for an elegant/free solution to sync my data. I have tried using MySync, but have benn unsuccessful. I am hoping Spanning Sync will prove to be useful, but it is still under developement. If any of you has any suggestions, please let me know.


Well thanks to Apple’s Automator and CESoft’s Quickey’s I was able to accomplish in a day and a half what had taken me almost a year and a half. I finally finished the Feast and Fast calendars. They should be complete as far as the information from the OCA’s website is concerned. I even have the movable feasts and fasts through 2012. So if you use an application that can handle the ical/icalendar file type (.ics) such as iCal or Mozilla Calendar (http://icalshare.com/faq.php for more apps) please feel free to subscribe to them, and let me know if there are any problems, or if you would like me to add a particular feast or fast.

Tiger! Cool New Feature!

The coolest new feature in Tiger? Well in my humble opinion, the answer to that question is that it does not install Microcrack Internet Exploder! Of course you have to do a clean install to observe this wonderful feature.

Grrr Bad OCA Website!

Well I went to the new “enhanced” OCA website, and was sorely disappointed to find out that it was broken. Actually it is broken in the two browsers of my choice, Safari and Firefox. It appears to work fine in Microcrack Internet Exploder, which is a shame (given that exploder is full of security vulnerabilities and just plain stinks as a browser). I hope they fix it soon because I enjoy visiting daily. Maybe one of my website design guru friends can go over and give them some helpful pointers.