Emmanuel Baptist in Stanton, KY contacted me to replace their speaker system. The system they had been using was a mismatched set of ground stacked speakers. I offered up several options ranging from a mono point source systems to a stereo line array systems. Ultimately the client settled on the WorxAudio X3 fixed line array (http://www.worxaudio.com/products/trueline-x3/) in stereo with the WorxAudio TL218 subwoofers (http://www.worxaudio.com/products/trueline-tl218ss/) installed under the stage. We used a QSC Q-SYS Core 110f (http://www.qsc.com/systems/products/q-sys-platform/products-peripherals-accessories/q-sys-cores/) for system processing. The system provided unbelievable even coverage of the room with less than 3dB of volume change from the front to the back of the room. While testing the system we were able to achieve an 110dB SPL without clipping the system. The client chose to have us limit the system to 95dB as higher sound pressure levels were unnecessary. Emmanuel Baptist had previously purchased a SoundCraft Si Expression 3 (http://www.soundcraft.com/products/si-expression-3) for front-of-house. They were running several wired and wireless in-ear monitors off of the board, so getting the main speakers up in the air freed up a lot of stage real estate. We also provided SurgeX power protection, filtering, and sequencing with the SEQ-1U (http://espsurgex.com/product/sequencers/) and the SX-20NE-RT (http://espsurgex.com/product/branch-circuit/) allowing for single button power on and off and the ability to lock the system out with a key.

Emmanuel Baptist Before Installation.







Emmanuel Baptist After Installation.