I have always found the little sayings churches put on there signs trite, silly and a number of other things. Becoming Orthodox has only increased that feeling. But ever once in awhile I run across a sign that still has those characteristics but makes me go huh that is pretty funny and ironic. The most recent of which was on the sign of an Assemblies of God church, which read:


This little quote sent my mind reeling in a thousand directions, I felt like my mind was a smooth piece of glass and that had been shattered and the trails of thought were the break patterns. Not that this was any huge revelation, but the humorous irony of it all. I say this because of all the conversations I have had recently about the problem with western culture, its influence on the church, and even how orthodoxy in the U.S. is so liberal by the rest of the orthodox worlds standards. In fact I am finding it hard to admit that right now I am liberal by orthodox standards. I want to be on the conservative side of things but it is going to take much prayer, fasting, and work, because to be conservative orthodox is completely counter- american culture in every aspect of one’s life even down to the most intimate details. And as much as I hate to admit it I a also very much a product of this culture. At first I see a sign like that and want to point out how they in that very church are not living up to the classical christian standard, but I soon realize I cannot do that without bring up my own complete failures at sainthood. Forget sainthood, I have enough trouble being a simple faithful lay person at my local parish. So I laugh and remember how far I have to go on my own journey.