Infancy Gospel of James

I realize that I am posting this a little later than I usually do, but better late than never. Here is a link to the Infancy Gospel of James in pdf format. It is unknown whether or not James actually authored this piece of tradition, however it is a worth while read. Whether or not there is any truth in it is known to the Father and Saints alone but it has much to say to us during this Christmas…

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Consecration of an Altar

For those of us who have never seen the consecration of an altar there is a great pictorial of the rededication of Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, New York City, NY. The pictures are over here on the O.C.A. website. I cannot wait to see this in person hopefully at our parish! Enjoy!

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Orthodox Calendar: Feasts and Fasts

Well I have assigned myself a new task: Making a calendar. Using the information published on The Orthodox Church in America’s website and Apple’s iCal I am making a calendar containing the Feasts and Fasts of the Orthodox Church. The calendars can be viewed, printed, downloaded, and subscribed (for those lucky enough to have a Mac, although I hear there are plugins for some win apps to subscribe also) to at for the Feasts and for the Fasts.…

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The other cheek?

In my previous post below I talked a little about a problem I had with a client. And recently Joel Wilson asked what it means to be a man. Well in light of these to posts I want to know what it means to be a man and turn the other cheek? After contemplating my situation, I began to wonder if I turned the other cheek or if I did something in between that and punching the guy, by just…

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Forgive me for not being more on top of things. Let us remember Justin Boisvert and his family as his father was taken from by a drunk driver. Also remember the Shingledecker clan as they mourn the loss of their Grandfather. With the righteous who have reposed in Your peace, grant rest, Savior, to the souls of Your servants, and bestow upon them the blessed life which is from You, meciful Lord.

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Paschal Tide

It is strange. It has been almost three weeks since Pascha and I do not believe I have been to one full liturgy or vespers in that time. Looking back I realize it has been due to sickness, work and fatigue. Tonight I will be missing because of work. I am beginning to feel the drain of not worshipping. I just do not feel right. It is funny how that works. Something as hard as the work of worship is…

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To fast without prayer is a fast of demons. The demons do not eat or pray, yet they still fully acknowledge the presence of God!

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I have found the more eloquent explanation of fasting and Lent that I was looking for. Thank God because you would not have wanted to read my inability to get to the point in an intelligent way. so here it is on Katie’s Blog

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Gospel of James

I was planning on waiting until December to post this, but do to recent discoveries I feel it appropriate now. Here is a link to the Gospel of James. Yes I realize that it is not canonical in any church, however, it is an important text because it explains a lot of what the Catholic and Orthodox churches believe about Mary and the Incarnation of Jesus. So please read and for what it is tradition, not fact or fiction, just…

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