During the summer of 95′ I found a new job. In ignorance I applied at J.C. Penney’s for an electronics salesperson position. The part I was ignorant about was the fact that Penney’s did not have an electronics department. However, they liked me and hired me to sell men’s suits. And the was my first exposure to working on straight commission. During that summer not much else happened. I eagerly awaited Tabitha’s return to graduate school, and worked. I believe I might have taken a trip to NC that summer, but my memory is weak on that point. I am sure Tabitha could tell me. Once fall returned so did all the students and my girlfriend. It seems to me that Fall and Winter of that year were pretty uneventful. I did make a trip to Cincinnati over Christmas break to surprise Tabitha at a Wesleyan convention that she and her family were attending (or was that 94′). Who knows? She knows. Anyway it was Easter of 96′ that we decided to get married, and that is when my life began to change forever in every way. We chose the 4th of July for that momentous occasion, so that we would always have fireworks on our anniversary. In just three months the magic that is my mother-in-law and wife managed to organize our wedding, make the wedding dress and a couple of bridal gowns, and make the reception dinner. It was amazing. There were of course things that went wrong but all in all everything went smoothly; and we had a beautiful wedding! We continued to live in Kent for the next month, at which point we moved to Kentucky, because my wife had secured an excellent job with Asbury College. Little did I know of the history and world that I was stepping into.