Trip to Colorado

A couple of weeks after I graduated my parents gave me a month long trip out to Colorado. While I was there I stayed primarily with my godmother, along with a foster sister and old friends from the church I attended as a child. While I was there I learned that my godmother had left the Episcopal Church for the Evangelical Orthodox Church. I had never heard of this denomination let alone Orthodoxy. It was all very strange to me…

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10 Year Reunion

I recently received an invitation to my 10 year high school reunion. When I opened the envelope it made me chuckle just a little. First was the realization that most of the people I socialize with (including my wife) graduated from college more than 10 years ago. Second, I do not know when this occurred, but for the longest time I was looking forward to going, now I really do not know. I no longer keep in touch with the…

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Some friends of mine said I should try They said it was fun and easy to get started. HA! Well Thursday of last week I filled out the registration form and eagerly awaited my confirmation email. After an hour or so it still had not come, so I submitted to have another sent, along with reading the fine print that said this could take up to 24 hours to be received, and if it was not received let them…

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Forgive me for not being more on top of things. Let us remember Justin Boisvert and his family as his father was taken from by a drunk driver. Also remember the Shingledecker clan as they mourn the loss of their Grandfather. With the righteous who have reposed in Your peace, grant rest, Savior, to the souls of Your servants, and bestow upon them the blessed life which is from You, meciful Lord.

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Paschal Tide

It is strange. It has been almost three weeks since Pascha and I do not believe I have been to one full liturgy or vespers in that time. Looking back I realize it has been due to sickness, work and fatigue. Tonight I will be missing because of work. I am beginning to feel the drain of not worshipping. I just do not feel right. It is funny how that works. Something as hard as the work of worship is…

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