It is strange. It has been almost three weeks since Pascha and I do not believe I have been to one full liturgy or vespers in that time. Looking back I realize it has been due to sickness, work and fatigue. Tonight I will be missing because of work. I am beginning to feel the drain of not worshipping. I just do not feel right. It is funny how that works. Something as hard as the work of worship is something I need to continue feeling well mentally, physically, and of course spiritually. I hope I will be able to make it on saturday. It makes one realize that though one may not like the prick of the i.v. we still need it in order to get us the medication we need to heal our bodies. I have been away from our little chapel just long enough that it kind of feels like heading to a hospital (not something I particularly like to do). Ok I know I am rambling and am probably not making much sense if any but suffice it to say pray for me.