I recently received an invitation to my 10 year high school reunion. When I opened the envelope it made me chuckle just a little. First was the realization that most of the people I socialize with (including my wife) graduated from college more than 10 years ago. Second, I do not know when this occurred, but for the longest time I was looking forward to going, now I really do not know. I no longer keep in touch with the people I graduated with, and I am so different from who I was that I just am not sure I want to have to explain all that. Each of my choices over the last 10 years seem very logical, but when looking at them now I realize how they have moved me very far from where I was. So I have decided that over the next several posts I would attempt to recount my last 10 years. I am sure it will be sketchy at times and I will probably jump seemingly randomly from subject to subject. I hope it does not bore you, but if it does I do not care, it is my blog and I am doing this to recollect my own journey in hopes of some self discovery.