Some friends of mine said I should try They said it was fun and easy to get started. HA! Well Thursday of last week I filled out the registration form and eagerly awaited my confirmation email. After an hour or so it still had not come, so I submitted to have another sent, along with reading the fine print that said this could take up to 24 hours to be received, and if it was not received let them…

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Well it has happened, Apple has released a beta of their long awaited browser. So far I like it. It is missing some features I have come to appreciate with Chimera, however it also has some nice features that Chimera has not added, and still it has some things that I have not yet decided whether they are annoying or cool. First noticeable feature the URL field is also the progress bar, kinda cool at first but I am undecided…

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Life is good!

I finally got everything working on my computer. I was wrong, I did noy have quartz extreme enabled. However by enabling it all my problems went away. YEAH! On another note I have spent the last couple of hours trying to get my blog formatted using css and I can only get chimera/mozilla to render it correctly. So I am either really screwing up my css or every other browser is broken. I think it is probably a little of…

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My Computer

Well for you people who don’t know the story, I was one of the numerous people who upgraded to 10.2 when it was released. I currently have it running on 3 machines, my work computer, my desktop and my laptop. Of the three the G3 at work and the G3 laptop run it wonderfully, however my frankenstien 8600/300 upgraded to a G4/450 with a gig of ram, a sonnet ATA100 card with a 120 gig IBM Deskstar drive seems a…

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Thanks to a good friend the development/cleaning up/hacking of my site has been put on hold while I determine how to proceed. About a year or so ago during my first attempt at a web site he convinced me to use html tables to format my site and css just for minor formatting such as text and the like. He then took me to to prove his point, by showing me how browsers that were css enabled and not…

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The Blog

Well this is as far as I am going to get tonight. I realize that it is not much, but hey I’m a novice and this is what you are getting. I want to thank Chris Davis for his welcome to blogging post. But alas it is late and I am tired of thinking. Oh and by the way if you were thinking of going to, please don’t because it is in huge need of being erased and completely…

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