Well I have assigned myself a new task: Making a calendar. Using the information published on The Orthodox Church in America’s website and Apple’s iCal I am making a calendar containing the Feasts and Fasts of the Orthodox Church. The calendars can be viewed, printed, downloaded, and subscribed (for those lucky enough to have a Mac, although I hear there are plugins for some win apps to subscribe also) to at http://icalexchange.com/public/cnaughton/Feasts.ics for the Feasts and http://icalexchange.com/public/cnaughton/Fasts.ics for the Fasts. I am doing this slowly right now all that is up is a reduced version of November. My plan is to do one month each day with the Feasts and Fasts that are most common. Once I have finished that I plan to add the lesser known Feasts and Fasts. I am using two separate calendars so that I may have each one display differently, unfortunately that does not happen on the web version. I am sure for my friends who do calendrics(sp?) this is child’s play but I have been unable to find an electronic calendar that does what I am attempting to do. If you subscribe to the calendar all the events link to their description on the OCA Website. I am open for comments, suggestions, feature requests, or ideas on how to do something better. I am also going to link to the calendars on my navbar. Also if anyone knows of an easy and concise way to calculate Pascha it would be appreciated.