After all my traveling in the summer of 93′ I decided to settle back into working and preparing for my debut at Kent State University. I was working as a customer service rep. for a universal remote control company. What great fun teaching morons how to be more lazy. I choose Kent for purely financial reasons and the fact that I am lazy also. I lived in Kent which meant I could stay at home and my dad worked for Kent which meant I got to go for free. So given all that I choose to make a great and wise decision to sign up not only for early morning classes but to take 18 credit hours, while maintaining a job. Well needless to say that first semester of college did not go well. So for second semester I decided to drop down to 12 credit hours. I soon began finding myself in the poll hall more and more and dropping classes more and more. Soon I was down to something like 6 hours, a part time job, and a lot of pool hall time. I was also attending Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship through all of this year. Well after much contemplation and the end of the semester I decided to stop going to college and try my hand at the working life.So during the summer of 1994 I got a full-time job with an residential electrician who had probably been shocked one to many times. It was an ok job except for the fact that all he did was talk about all the other electricians and how bad they were. I became more and more disgruntled. The needle that broke the camels back was after having me work in a muddy pit all day long he would not let me get into the work van with my muddy clothes on. Fortunately it was in the middle of winter so I had multiple layers of clothing on and was able to strip down and still be decent. So after approximately six months I quit. During this time I decided I needed to continue attending Inter-Varsity to continue having good Christian friendships. This is also around the time I met my future wife. I still remember one of our earliest conversations was about which was more important lighting or sound. The next job was with a commercial electrical contractor who happened to be a friend of the family. This was a great job and I really enjoyed working there, however it was not meant to be. I kept getting sick and decided that the environment I was working in was not conducive to my health. So it was now summer of 1995 and time to find employment yet again.