Well it has happened, Apple has released a beta of their long awaited browser. So far I like it. It is missing some features I have come to appreciate with Chimera, however it also has some nice features that Chimera has not added, and still it has some things that I have not yet decided whether they are annoying or cool.

First noticeable feature the URL field is also the progress bar, kinda cool at first but I am undecided as to whether it will be annoying.

Next their is a Google search box immediately to the right of the URL/progress bar, very cool.

then the next button is a bug reporting button.

The bookmarks bar is a nice clean brushed metal look that supports folders. The first bookmark on the bar takes you to a (for lack of a better term) information management window.

The first item in that list is a pane to manage your bookmarks bar. The bookmarks bar does not support favicons but the management window and url/progress bar do.

The next item allows you to manage the contents of your bookmarks menu.

Then a pretty cool little thing is access to all the websites that are stored in your address book along with the names of the people they are associated with.

Next in line is access to all Rendezvous enabled devices on the network.

Then history.

And last but not least bookmark management.

Some cool things I have found so far are there is a place to select pop-up blocking in the main menu along within preferences. There is a way to enable cookies that come from the site you are visiting only and not advertisers on that site. There is also a feature that is called snap back, from what I can determine it allows you pick a page (by default the first one opened in that window) to snap back to no matter how far afield you click (type in a url rests the snap back page), it is stored in cache so their is no reload time, it is instant. As for downloads, it is a nice simple manager that manages to keep up with Chimera. Over all I think this new browser has a lot of promise.