Thanks to a good friend the development/cleaning up/hacking of my site has been put on hold while I determine how to proceed. About a year or so ago during my first attempt at a web site he convinced me to use html tables to format my site and css just for minor formatting such as text and the like. He then took me to to prove his point, by showing me how browsers that were css enabled and not both loaded the page the same. He has since taken that back stating he still used tables for formatting but this on effects about 10% of the browsers out there, and after messing around with css foormatting he prefers the way it looks. So now I have to decide to continue down the path I have started or to scrap everything and start over. Thanx a lot man.

Oh and by the way I really dig the bookmarklets that Basil/Tim came up with. I do have a request on that line, can you make one that I can enter a name and have it search the oca website for that saint?