Well for you people who don’t know the story, I was one of the numerous people who upgraded to 10.2 when it was released. I currently have it running on 3 machines, my work computer, my desktop and my laptop. Of the three the G3 at work and the G3 laptop run it wonderfully, however my frankenstien 8600/300 upgraded to a G4/450 with a gig of ram, a sonnet ATA100 card with a 120 gig IBM Deskstar drive seems a little quirky, go figure. Apparently the Ultratek100.kext file that Apple wrote for 10.2 does not like 3rd party ATA cards. So after much frustration random crashes and the like 10.2.1 was released. Sonnet did not release any updates hoping the fix would come with 10.2.1, unfortunately it did not. So they have started development on a fix. So I continue to have screen lockups and unable to restart or cold start into 10 without jumping through numerous hoops, the least of which requires me to power all the way down, startup into 9, run norton utilities on my 10 drive, open startup disk and select the 10 boot folder, shutdown, then start up and pray for a miracle. Well recently somebody came up with a risky fix, I was up for anything at this point. The fix was quite simple, delete the Apple ultratek100.kext file. His reasoning was this, since 10 is unix based you should not need a kext file for ata hardware, it should be built into the kernal. So without much care I deleted the file rebooted and voila the startup issue is gone. I can cold start restart and crash and start or any other combo you can think of without any problems. Yeah, you say, uh-uh. I discovered I have a new problem, I cannot go to multimedia rich sites, such as the ones my daughter likes to use, and I cannot use Word, without my computer screen locking. I currently have Quartz Extreme and Silk enabled, I am going to try and disable them and once again pray that it will fix my woes. I will let you all know.