For a little over a year now I have been running sound for a band called The Bats (short for old bats or Beautiful and talented sirens). The core of the group is five women over the age of forty ( a bat member requirement). Three of the women are the main vocalists, singing about men, food, shopping, break-ups, and dating with the occasional jazz and pop standard. They also have a group of dance numbers the do. The fourth and fifth women play guitar and bass, sing background vocals and occasionally sing lead. The band is backed up by three guys playing drums, guitar and keyboard. enough of that. This band is a great nights entertainment. They are funny, witty and great entertainers. I think that everybody should come and see a show at least once. Our regular venues are Natasha’s, Portofino’s and Furlongs. We seem to have gathered a little of a following so all the shows require a reservation and cover charge. The cover charge varies from venue to venue. Anyway all that was said so that I could announce a few gigs:

July 16 & 17 Furlongs

August 21 – Equus Run Winery

September 17 – Natasha’s

I hope to see you for some Wine, Women, and Song!