Ok I am sick of reading about how everybody is against this war. That is fine. I do not care. I support our President and his administration 100%. I support this war 100%. Yes I have many close friends in the military, all fighting so that other nations may experience the freedom to oppose war just like you. Yes we have had our failures and mistakes in war, such as Vietnam, and Korea; however we have had our successes, such as Japan, and Germany. The difference between our failures and success, is how much the American people rallied behind our President and troops. We have become too soft and gun shy since WWII, and I am ashamed for this once great country. We are trying to put an end to the oppression of a people (Hitler ring any bells or was that all hype too?), protect our homeland from terrorism (whether you want to believe it or not Saddam is funding terrorists and training them), and make this a better place to live. The liberals like to do things in the name of “saving our children”, are Iraq’s children excluded from this. Here is an article from the BBC. If this is not reason enough then we had no right to free the European community from Hitler. Hussein and Hitler are the same. But you know it is so much more comfortable to wash our hands as Pilot did and sit back and let things happen, because at least we did not kill anybody, and plus we’re over here and they are over there. If this were about oil we would have a much easier time going down to South America and taking their oil. First they are closer and second they produce more oil than Iraq. According to this site we are the world’s largest producer of oil followed by ten other countries before we get to Iraq, then there are seven countries in front of Iraq most of whom are our friends who are the worlds top exporters. We do not need Iraq’s oil, this is not about oil. So please stop whining, get behind our President and troops and let’s free the Iraqi people from the tyranny of Saddam and his buddies in al Qaeda.

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