The below post of Saint Ephrem’s Prayer is one of my favorite prayers that we Orthodox pray during Lent. It is in fact dear to many people because it is a prayer that we pray every week during Lent to help prepare us for Pasch as it reminds us what Lent is all about. Now the funny nostalgia part. As many of you know I love Star Wars and I especially love Star Wars the Roleplaying Game. Well it was a typical gaming evening and the evil villain (can’t remember his name but it implied his evilness in good Star Wars fashion) was hot on our tail with his superior technology and forces. Then suddenly in a inexplicable Star Wars-esque turn of events we were face to face with this epitome of evil. Our brave Jedi decided he would step in and sacrifice himself for the greater good of the galaxy in a Christ-like fashion, so using the force beyond his capabilities he completely and utterly erased the mind of the villain. For you SWRPGers out there fortunately or unfortunately the gamemaster did not see this as a selfless, sacrificial act and gave the would be hero 5 DarkSide points stating that erasing someone’s mind is evil no matter the target’s evilness or your intentions. Anyhow we now had a technological genius with no knowledge of who he was, so we had to give him a new identity and integrate him into our group. His new identity Ephrem Steve. So now I chuckle when we pray the prayer of Saint Ephrem and it takes me back to that evening a Long Time Ago in a Living Room Far Far Away!