Well due to lots of working, some travel, and servers being down the last ten days have not been very conducive to blogging. Hopefully that trend is changing.

On another note, my family and I just returned from camping with my father-in-law in Pigeon Forge, TN., along with the rest of the east coast (the only slightly annoying part of the weekend). We had beautiful weather and a whole lotta fun with family and friends (the Powell’s were there to but they wimped out and stayed in a hotel). We had a nice little campsite next to a river that actually seemed to be going somewhere. I had forgotten how peaceful it is to sit next to a fire and listen to a rushing river, or fall asleep to the gentle throng of water. I have only one regret from the weekend, and that was I did not get to fly fish. I was really looking forward to tranquility of casting to the rhythm of the river. Oh well maybe next time….