Evidently there is a new trend in which panhandlers have gone high tech, and they are not even trying to conceal it. After doing two minutes of looking further into this to find out if it is fact or fiction here are two sites I found immediately. Savekaryn.com, and Myfirstfilm.com. Now far be it from me to buck trends, I mean look I am pretty much a “johnny come lately” to the blogging world because I had friends doing it and it sounded cool. So if you have a few bucks you want to get rid of, I am not to proud. You can send them to me through paypal using my email address naughton@qx.net or send it to me at:

po box 36
wilmore, ky 40390

And if you have friends who are rich and need somebody to give there money to tell them about me. After I payoff my debt, and buy a house I will funnel the rest of the money to my favorite charity or someone else who needs a panhandling break in life.

If i receive any “donations” I will let everybody who reads this blog know. My wife and I thank you in advance.

PS- Do I have to report panhandling profits to the irs!