Internet Panhandling

Evidently there is a new trend in which panhandlers have gone high tech, and they are not even trying to conceal it. After doing two minutes of looking further into this to find out if it is fact or fiction here are two sites I found immediately., and Now far be it from me to buck trends, I mean look I am pretty much a “johnny come lately” to the blogging world because I had friends doing it…

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Missing Colorado

Have you ever been to a place or lived in a place that just resonates with your being? I was born in Fort Collins Colorado in 1974 (no wise cracks I know I am young). I lived there until 1985 at which point we moved to Ohio. I have been able to return their 3 times since the move. It has been almost ten years since my last visit and a longing for home has taken me. My wife says…

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This is not about computers!

For those who might actually read this and not be interested in computers, it is not going to be all about computers. That is just what happens to be on my mind these days as I was trying to get my desktop up and running and this wonderful ‘blog’ up. Some other topics that I hope to touch on in the next few postings will be new housing for my family, movies (I just finished watching The Majestic, a must…

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