Moved In!

Well we did it! We are essentially moved in, despite my work schedule. According to the forecast it was supposed to rain, but Thanks be to God it held off, and the skies cleared making perfect weather for moving. Thanks to several people who helped make this move go so smoothly. We would not have been able to do it without you. We still have some things at the apartment not to mention it needs a thorough cleaning. We are…

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Cool Blog!

I just found Charlie Daniels has a blog. It is quite well done and amazingly conservative for a Country/Rock star. Check out these two posts: To our troops Kindness

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I would like to welcome my good friend and fellow brother in Orthodoxy to the blogging world. Welcome Gary! You can visit his blog at

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Something New!

I was thinking of trying something new. What you ask? Well I was thinking about letting you the reader e-mail me, blog suggestions, questions or comments so that I can spout some of my foolishness and sometimes wisdom based on what you want to hear. Now this does not mean that I will stop blogging about what I want to blog about, it just allows you to have some input. I want to see how this goes, If it takes…

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Funny Nostalgia

The below post of Saint Ephrem’s Prayer is one of my favorite prayers that we Orthodox pray during Lent. It is in fact dear to many people because it is a prayer that we pray every week during Lent to help prepare us for Pasch as it reminds us what Lent is all about. Now the funny nostalgia part. As many of you know I love Star Wars and I especially love Star Wars the Roleplaying Game. Well it was…

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