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Good Luck

Let us remember Justin Boisvert in our prayers as he prepares to go to Korea to serve his country. Good luck Justin we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, and eagerly anticipate your safe return.

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To fast without prayer is a fast of demons. The demons do not eat or pray, yet they still fully acknowledge the presence of God!

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New Hummers

Well I just do not get the point of the New Hummers. Hummers are supposed to be cool lean mean military machines, that if you were wealthy enough you could get a hold of one. Now they are beginning to look like every other SUV on the market. Oh sure you still have to be wealthy to get one, but now all you get is a SUV with a Hummer stamp on it and something that vaguely resembles its indestructible…

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I have found the more eloquent explanation of fasting and Lent that I was looking for. Thank God because you would not have wanted to read my inability to get to the point in an intelligent way. so here it is on Katie’s Blog

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Well I decided it was about time I blogged again. I have been so tired from work, family and life. My computer broke down a little over a month ago so I am currently eBaying like a mad man. I am trying to get rid of all my old computer hardware and software in order to make money and room for a new computer. So far that seems to be going well, just is time consuming. Despite the fact that…

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Well it has happened, Apple has released a beta of their long awaited browser. So far I like it. It is missing some features I have come to appreciate with Chimera, however it also has some nice features that Chimera has not added, and still it has some things that I have not yet decided whether they are annoying or cool. First noticeable feature the URL field is also the progress bar, kinda cool at first but I am undecided…

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To Blog or not to blog

Wow it has been a long time, in fact I have probably lost all my readers. Well since Nov. 9th I have either been working 60-80 hours a week and just to tired to blog, or I have been out of town without access. Well I am back without any excuses. Work is slow and I have only a few small jaunts to make. I will make an attempt to blog a little more regularly. I will start off by…

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Well after a week of sickness I finally seem to be recovering. It has been a long miserable road. However I did manage to get a few things done, like sending in a few items for repairs that should have been done this past summer, getting a new printer, and getting it running. So now I guess I can welcome myself back to expensive ink and the wonderful ability to print. For those of you who read this and are…

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