The other cheek?

In my previous post below I talked a little about a problem I had with a client. And recently Joel Wilson asked what it means to be a man. Well in light of these to posts I want to know what it means to be a man and turn the other cheek? After contemplating my situation, I began to wonder if I turned the other cheek or if I did something in between that and punching the guy, by just…

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Traditional Music Festival!

Well it is that time of year again. I went to run sound for the Traditional Music Festival at Berea College, and as usual it was quite eventful. This year was slightly different from years past in that I just went to run sound for the Saturday evening wrap up concert. I arrived and had a very easy setup (just a couple of mics) and we launched into sound check. Everything went really smoothly. I got about an hour break…

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Summers of 95′-96′

During the summer of 95′ I found a new job. In ignorance I applied at J.C. Penney’s for an electronics salesperson position. The part I was ignorant about was the fact that Penney’s did not have an electronics department. However, they liked me and hired me to sell men’s suits. And the was my first exposure to working on straight commission. During that summer not much else happened. I eagerly awaited Tabitha’s return to graduate school, and worked. I believe…

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Moved In!

Well we did it! We are essentially moved in, despite my work schedule. According to the forecast it was supposed to rain, but Thanks be to God it held off, and the skies cleared making perfect weather for moving. Thanks to several people who helped make this move go so smoothly. We would not have been able to do it without you. We still have some things at the apartment not to mention it needs a thorough cleaning. We are…

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Walk Through

For those of us with bandwidth to burn and disk space that has cobwebs collecting in the unused recesses :), I have put together this small quicktime movie. It is rather jerky (I was shooting on a small digital camera) but it should give you the basic idea. I am providing some commentary, and you even catch a glimpse of me at some point. There are a few clips that went squat on me, can you figure out what I…

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